How Can I travel to Cappadocia from Istanbul

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DWQA QuestionsCategory: Travel TurkeyHow Can I travel to Cappadocia from Istanbul
David Staff asked 11 months ago

I am planing to travel  in may

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David Staff answered 11 months ago

For travelling to Cappadocia.There are 2 ways you can travel to Cappadocia.  Firstly you can catch flight from istanbul new airport or Sabiha gokcen airport to Kayseri airport or Nevseghir airport. Flight ride takes about 1 Hour 20 min  and from airport to Hotel also takes 1 hour 20 min too.

Secondly you can prefer to travel by local buses which has day time bus and overnight buses. Bus ride takes about 11 hours and save 1 night accomodation fee  if you travel by overnight buses. You can book yur bus ticket from busticketline website